Breathing Life into A Historic Home

Historic homes, typically designated as homes built more than 50 years ago and/or that reside within a historic neighborhood, not only serve as testaments of time and bygone eras, but can be great family homes still today!  

Depending on the condition, most historic homes will need some kind of renovations or restoration to include modern appliances and convinces. Others will need more intense care in order to secure the foundation is safe to live in.  

Here are a few tips and important pieces of information to know if you are looking at renovating a historic home.  

Assess what you have, decide what you need 

The first step in renovating a historic home is understanding what you’re working with and deciding what size of project you are looking to undertake. Some homes might just need slight repairs and fresh coat of paint, some may need a new electrical or plumbing system, and some might need new foundation. It’s important to know what you have and what you need. 

The same can be said for conveniences and modern fixtures. Are you looking to update the kitchen and bathrooms with the newest appliances? Want to restore the original furnishings of a 75-year old house? These options require different needs, and picking what you want in your home is a critical step 

Check with any local historic preservation committees 

Lots of homes, especially those in historic areas or on historic registries, will fall under the preview of local historic committees and boards. If so, you will typically need to go before a review board before making any cosmetic changes to the outside of the house, façade, or adding additions. The process can be complicated so make sure to do your homework! The end result will be plenty worth it.  

Do not be afraid to ask for professional help, in fact, it’s encouraged 

Not all of us are architects, professional designers and contractors, or historical experts. Much less are all three! So, for the rest of us, do not be afraid to ask for help from professionals. It’ll surely make the project go smoother! Do you research on reputable contractors and technicians, and the amount you spend will be much less than the amount you would have to pay to do renovations all over again PLUS fixing any costly mistakes. 

Understand that it takes time 

Rome was not built in a day, and your historic home certainly will not be renovated that quickly either! All projects take time, especially projects for older, more delicate homes. Be patient and understand that if you take your time and do everything correctly, when your historic home project is complete the results will absolutely be worth the wait! 

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