How to Choose the Perfect Compliments for Your Brand New Kitchen

Whether you only needed to update a few spots, or just tackled a complete overhaul, kitchen renovations can be equal parts exciting, stressful, and fun. Once you get the heavy lifting squared away –like picking the right layout or any structural renovations—the next step becomes installing the furnishings. Countertops, paint, cabinets, and especially new appliances.

A beautifully renovated kitchen deserves beautiful new appliances, but how do you know which is right for your kitchen while staying in your budget? Here a few tips to help you finish off the kitchen of your dreams.

Design with appliances in mind 

For many projects, the appliance choosing process will be both early on and integral to a kitchen remodel project. Some like to design the color schemes and layout around their favorite gas range, or try to match a backsplash with a new stainless refrigerator. Whatever appliances you are choosing, having them in mind throughout the remodel process is an easy way to get your dream kitchen.

A tale of two fuels 

The longstanding debate. There is a reason this is one of the most important decisions to make in a remodel. Gas or electric? There are certainly pros and cons for each side, and making the choice for yourself will impact the entirety of your kitchen and possibly rest of your home.

Gas stoves are often praised by chefs and other professionals for the control and power that comes with gas cooking, but it can get rather expensive rather quickly, especially if you are converting an electric setup to a gas setup. If you have the room in your budget and are looking to use gas for a lot of cooking and baking, explore your options and find the best fit for you!

Electric stoves are gaining more and more popularity amongst homeowners and builders as they provide an easier installation and more affordable price ranges than their gas counter parts. Electric is a great option for those with a tighter budget while adding some extra safety tools. This GE electric range is a great option for all!

Picking the best picture holder

Refrigerators are a key piece for all kitchens. Not only do they serve as the best picture holders, but you need the right refrigerator that combines space and design to keep your food fresh.

The biggest decision to make with a refrigerator is the style you want. From high end French door refrigerators that provide a maximum space with design to the traditional top freezer models that combine freshness and ease with affordability.

No matter the size of your budget or theme of your kitchen, the right refrigerator can make all the difference.

Deciding on the Dishwasher

The best thing to come out of a kitchen remodel is being able to entertain and cook for your friends and family in a space you love. When the meal is over, however, no one wants to be stuck washing the dishes by hand. Picking a reliable and stylish dishwasher is important so you are not stuck with dish duty night after night.

Building a dishwasher into your kitchen can fit into any budget, the levels and types you install then depend on what you are looking to spend. The two common dishwasher types are front-control and top-control. Choosing which type you want for you kitchen is the first step.

Dishwasher size can be easily overlooked but is a crucial aspect of any choice. 18-inch dishwashers are great for single people and couples, while families will often times need 24-inch dishwashers to accommodate for the extra dishes. There are a wide array of options for all price points that can include handy features like heat drying or a third rack. Whichever you prefer and fits your needs, there is a dishwasher for you.

Trust the Experts to Create Your Dream Kitchen

Contact Limitless Renovations today and we will walk through all of the options with you, ensuring you find the perfect appliances for your newly renovated kitchen.

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