How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

Is your dated kitchen in need of more than a refresh? Are you to the point where you can’t walk in there one more time without wanting to take a sledgehammer to it yourself? We understand! As Atlanta kitchen renovation experts, we’ve seen our share of avocado refrigerators and aging ovens. When kitchens were still hidden away and not the centers of homes — as they are now — that might have been fine. But today, having a beautiful kitchen is at the top of many homeowners’ lists of must-haves. So, how do you design your dream kitchen?

Start by making a list of the essentials for your kitchen.

If you entertain regularly or have a large family, consider a double oven. If storage is a constant issue or you often buy in bulk, would a separate pantry help ease your day-to-day life? If resale value of the investment in your kitchen renovation is important, do a little digging with your real estate agent friends to see what’s selling in your area. For Atlanta kitchen renovations, we are still seeing trends toward spacious kitchens with big, shiny appliances.

Get inspired.

Design is more than counters and cabinets. Remember to add ideas for storage, lighting, flooring, and fixtures to your list. Each element builds on the other culminating in a picture-perfect design. Some of the best places to get kitchen design inspiration is Pinterest and Houzz. It seems like everyone we know is using the virtual pinboard site as a way to imagine their new kitchen. If working with your hands is more fun, create a mood board. Attach clippings from magazines to a board then add in sample tiles, paint chips, textures, and more to help your ideas gel.

couple eating breakfast in newly renovated kitchen

Consider your layout.

Your space should be configured most efficiently for the way you live. Part of that is considering the “working triangle” with the three most important points on it: fridge, sink, and cooktop. If what you have now means your family is always bumping shoulders as you get ready for the day, now’s the time to think layout change. Does your refrigerator door have to be closed if your dishwasher is open? Perhaps that galley kitchen isn’t working, and it’s time to switch over to a more open concept floor plan for your kitchen renovation.

Plan your space wisely.

The most common concern we hear when renovating a dated kitchen design is a lack of storage space, a lack of counter space, or both. If storage is something you dream about, consider taking your cabinets to the ceiling or planning a walk-in pantry. Would the horizontal area in your brand new kitchen benefit from an island or bar? Would adding an eat-in space allow you to use all of your counter space for prep? Remember to plan space for your countertop appliances like your coffee maker, food processor, or stand mixer.


white walk in pantry

Work with an expert.

Not all Atlanta kitchen renovation experts make choosing options for cabinets, fixtures, faucets, and appliances easy. Look for someone who will come to your home to help you make selections in your space so you can see colors and tones in your lighting. Plus, it is more efficient and fun than wandering a superstore looking for help. With the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Atlanta somewhere between $25,000 – $45,000, you want to be sure your kitchen renovation contractor is there to make the process as easy as possible.

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