Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation: What to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Are you getting ready to start a bathroom or kitchen renovation?

If so, you are probably beyond excited, constantly looking at Pinterest for inspiration and daydreaming about how awesome your room is going to look.

One of the most important steps you will take in creating the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams is hiring the right contractor. But how do you know which one you should choose?

4 Things to Know About Your Contractor Before Starting a Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation 

Here are four things to look into before hiring a contractor for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

1. Check the Quality of Their Work

How do you know if someone is as good as they say they are? You need to check their work. Ask for references from previous clients. Talk to the clients and find out:

  • Whether the job they did was a bathroom or kitchen renovation
  • If the contractor’s team kept the job site clean
  • If there were any problems
  • Whether they would hire them again
  • If you can see photos of the finished product – or better yet, see it in person

2. Evaluate Their Reputation

Next, go online to discover their online reputation. Check out Yelp and other review sites to see how clients felt about working with your prospective contractor.

3. Find Out the Contractor’s Level of Communication

Good communication from the very start is a must. When consulting with prospects, ask how they prefer to communicate. Do they want you to be on-site so they can chat with you in person each morning? Or would they prefer that you communicate via phone call or text? Still another option is daily chats with the foreman.

4. Ask About Licensure and Insurance

Before hiring your contractor, verify their insurance and licensure. You do not want to end up being liable for damages if the contractor/his team are not insured. A licensed contractor is required by law to have workman’s compensation insurance, which protects you, your home, and any of the contractor’s employees should they get injured on the job.

Above All Else – Trust Your Gut Instincts  

If at any time you notice some alarm bells going off in your head while talking to prospective contractors – pay attention. The red flags are showing up for a reason. Listening to your gut feelings will help ensure that you end up with a kitchen or bathroom renovation you can be proud of – one that was not overly stressful to achieve.

Do you have questions about your upcoming renovation? Contact our team right away. We are happy to answer all your questions and to get started on your new project!

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