New Home Renovations to Breathe Life Into a Gloomy Kitchen

Face it. You love your home, but that kitchen is not up to snuff.  

Is your home in serious need of kitchen renovations?  

Maybe your kitchen is dull compared to the rest of the house. Perhaps it feels cramped or has an awkward-looking window or two. Do those countertops look like they came from the ’80s? Have they started to peel at the corners?  

No, seriously. What is wrong with those countertops?  

Sprucing Up Your Kitchen Countertops: Selecting the Right Material 

Your kitchen countertops serve as an aesthetic workspace. You want to select something that compliments the room, but you need to ensure that you select a material that suits your household.  

From stains to nicks and cracks — here are the pros and cons of the most popular countertops.  


Quartz has a stone-like appearance that is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Quartz requires far less maintenance than other countertop materials and is stain and heat resistant.  

Unfortunately, quartz countertops may chip, particularly around the edges. While rounded edges can reduce the likelihood and frequency of chipping, you will need to hire a professional to repair any damages.  


Laminate is a popular choice for kitchen renovations as this material is budget-friendly and straightforward to install. Laminate also features stain and heat resistant surfaces.  

On the downside, laminate surfaces scratch easily, particularly if cutting food directly on the surface.  


Soapstone features superior heat resistance, and it has a unique look compared to several other countertop materials. You may be able to repair small scratches without hiring a professional.   

However, soapstone is not as stain-resistant as its counterparts. It also scratches, nicks and cuts easily.  


Limestone gives a more natural look that has become a classic countertop look over the years and is a great heat-resistant material.  

Regrettably, limestone is damaged easily, and can be difficult to remove tough stains. 


Granite offers a beautiful and unique aesthetic. It also features heat, scratch, and cut resistant surfaces.  

Similarly to quartz, granite countertops may chip, particularly around corners and edges.  

Choose the Kitchen Countertops That Suit Your Lifestyle

When exploring kitchen renovations, it is essential to select the right materials for your household. As with any renovation, each available material will consist of various pros and cons to weigh.  

Selecting the right material is just as important as choosing the right design and color. The wrong material could end up costing you more in repairs and further renovations.  

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