Should I Remodel the Kitchen or the Bathroom?

When the time comes to invest in your current home, your options are seemingly unlimited. New floors? New paint? What about that new deck? The list goes on and on, but more often than not you are going to end up with two choices: renovating the bathroom or the kitchen.  

There is no “right” answer per se, as it all depends on your preferences and goals, which leads us to the first step in the process: What are your goals for the renovation? 

Outline Your Goals First  

Are you getting ready to list your home for sale? Assuming your kitchen and bathrooms are in the same shape, the kitchen is the most likely the way to go, as 52 percent of real estate professionals view the kitchen as the most important room to influence a house sale. If the goal is to increase the value of your home while shortening the time on the market, the kitchen is where you should focus your time — and money.  

Having said that, kitchen renovations are more expensive, and they take longer to complete. This makes sense when you think about it since the kitchen is the modern living room in many ways. As a feature gathering spot in the home, space will more than likely be larger than a bathroom and require more work.  

According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual cost vs. value chart, a minor midrange kitchen renovation averages $21,198 (that number jumps to $63,829 for a major midrange renovation).  

That is a major investment, for sure. However, per the cost versus value chart, there is an 81% recoup on that investment — as in, you can get 81% of your investment back when reselling — compared to a 70% recoup for the equivalent bathroom renovation.  

It is About More Than the Resale 

This does not mean the only answer is the kitchen. If you are happy with your current kitchen, and you want to increase the livability of your home, opting to renovate one of the bathrooms is a wonderful option.  

A fresh, updated bathroom will certainly add monetary value to your home, but it will also add value to the daily enjoyment of your home. You may not use your kitchen as often as others, but you will certainly use your bathroom just as much as anyone. Having an enjoyable space that you utilize every single day has real value.  

We should also point out that an updated bathroom can also be a deal breaker for a home buyer. While it might not be as much of a deal breaker as a renovated kitchen, according to Consumer Reports, 41 percent of respondents said the bathrooms were the most important rooms when looking to buy a home.  

In many ways, choosing to renovate your bathroom is a wise financial choice as it has a smaller cost and can add to the resale value of the home, albeit on a smaller scale than a kitchen remodel.  

Get Expert Advice! 

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