Spring into the Season with the Latest Bathroom Design Trends

Looking to do some much-needed Spring cleaning? How about dusting off the patio furniture and putting away the heavy coats? Spring is right around the corner, and nothing says “new season” quite like a fresh start. New season, new you!

One spot that is often overlooked when starting a new season? That old bathroom! Spring is the perfect time for nice relaxing afternoon showers or blissful evening baths. To get your perfectly tranquil bathroom right in time for the season, here are the latest design tips and trends for now and beyond.


Be Bold

Long gone are the days of sterile white bathrooms, and we could not be happier about it. Now that everyone is spending more time at home, our bathrooms are becoming more of an important piece of who we are, rather than just where we are. If you are looking for a way to make your bathroom more exciting and like you, try adding in bolder tones, colors, and accents.


Adding flair to your powder room is sure to make it both a welcoming and enjoyable space, perfect for relaxing after a long day or just stopping in to freshen up. You are a bold and exciting human being; why should your bathroom not be the same?


Mighty Minimalism 

If you prefer sleek fixtures and tones rather than bold and brash designs, then a trend towards minimalism in the bathroom is just for you. This design trend still reaches the most important part of anything bathroom design: it fits who you are. Minimalist does not mean sterile; in fact, it could not be more relaxing and serene!

Try a pedestal or wall-mounted sink rather than a vanity sink to give the room a larger feel. Ditch the mildewy shower curtain from your college apartment and upgrade to a glass door facing shower instead. Try and work on decluttering and focusing on only the essentials. If you want every bathroom trip to feel like a day at the spa, this is the way for you.



Sleek and Smart

An overarching design theme for every area of your home is the push towards making each room a smart room, and the bathroom is no different! By accessing your Wi-Fi and using Bluetooth capabilities, you can now have the bathroom of the future, today.

Ever wanted to start the bath before even entering the room? How about dimming the lights with just a simple voice command? With smart devices in your bathroom, you can have all these relaxing pleasures and much more at just the touch of a button and spoken action. Now your mirrors can de-fog right in front of you while your phone charges with a built-in USB station. All the modern conveniences you could ever need, all neatly located in your powder room. Why bother going anywhere else?


Limitless Renovations Offers Limitless Possibilities  

This season, upgrade your bathroom to match who you are and what you need. Whether you love bold colors and botanical walls, minimal clutter and sleek features, or a bathroom worthy of The Jetsons, the Limitless Renovations team is ready to help you get the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!

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