What Is a Steam Shower?

Steam showers are popular because of the spa-like atmosphere they can create in your home. They also offer various health benefits and are easy to use. Best of all, having a steam shower in your home will save you money on going to and from spa appointments that you won’t need anymore.

Having a self-contained unit like a steam shower in your bathroom is practical as well since they are smaller than steam rooms or saunas. A steam shower also requires less maintenance since it takes up less space. Even though steam showers are smaller, they are still effective and can add value to your home.

Let’s explore what steam showers are, their installation process, the difference between a steam shower and a sauna and the advantages of steam showers.

What Are Steam Showers?

A walk-in steam shower is an enclosure, or a stall, that is sealed effectively so moisture doesn’t leave the shower. Using a steam shower is pretty simple, as you would step into the shower and press a button on the shower’s control panel. Once you press the button, the shower’s steam generator will turn on and heat the water until it boils. The boiling water creates steam that ultimately finds its way out of the steam head, filling your whole shower with relaxing steam.

If you are considering a modern steam shower or you already have one, you may notice that its controls are digital. Digital controls make it easy to turn on the shower, adjust temperature controls and the length of time the shower will run. If you’re lucky, your steam shower will also come with mood lighting, a conventional shower head, a way to add scents to the shower and piped-in sound systems.

Installing a Steam Shower

You’re going to have to have the help of a few professionals to install your steam shower. The first professional you’ll need to make contact with is a dealer. This dealer will help you find the perfect spot for the steam generator, which typically needs to be within around 25 feet of your shower stall.

After you meet with a dealer, you’ll work with a shower-door installer and tiling contractor to finalize your home steam shower design. They’ll build your home’s steam shower enclosure based on the design you choose. When the enclosure is finished, you’ll need to have a plumber and an electrician come in to make sure all of your pipes are connected and your generator and digital controls are hooked up for use.

Overall, installing a steam shower could cost you several thousand dollars, plus the added cost of a new door and stall. You can also get a steam-ready enclosure that will just need the plumbing and wiring set up. Once your steam enclosure is ready, you’ll be able to enjoy the elegance of your bathroom.

Sauna vs. Steam Room

Steam rooms and saunas do have some similarities in their function, but they also have a few differences. Firstly, a steam room and a regular shower are both typically made of ceramic tile or other waterproof materials. However, a steam room does need to have a full seal on it to keep the steam inside. The main steam room requirement is a steam generator, which creates a space with 100% humidity.

Saunas don’t use a steam generator to make steam. Instead, they can use several different heat sources, such as an infrared lamp, an electric heater or a wood stove. An infrared lamp heats your body directly instead of the air around you. Saunas are usually made of wood to protect you from burns that may come from a sauna’s high temperatures. Although saunas create higher temperatures than steam showers, they only produce a space with 10% to 20% humidity.

Advantages of Steam Showers

Advantages of Steam Showers

Aside from steam showers creating the relaxing environment of a spa in your own home, they also have other benefits. For one, they’re considered to be eco-friendly. They also add value to your home while providing you with various health benefits. Here are more advantages of steam showers:

  • Steam can help you clear out your stuffed-up nose, so if you’re feeling congested, hopping into a steam shower might be the perfect pain reliever for you. 
  • After you exercise, hop into your steam shower. The warmth of the steam encourages blood flow by opening the capillaries. This good blood flow will help you avoid the muscle soreness that comes with the build-up of metabolic waste in your muscles. 
  • If you want to improve your circulation, a steam shower can help widen your blood vessels. Ultimately, your blood pressure will lower in your steam shower because of this widening. 
  • The warmth from the steam in a steam shower opens your pores, which will allow your sweat to run easily. This then allows your pores to clear out and can reduce the number of pimples and blackheads you face regularly.
  • If you shave regularly, jumping in the steam shower before you do so can reduce the chance of you getting razor burn because the moisture and warmth will soften your hair follicles.
  • Selling your home can be challenging without high-end installments like a steam shower. Let your house sell itself when you add a steam shower to it. 
  • Stress affects all of us in different ways, but taking a steam shower may help you manage your stress. Build up your resilience to physical and mental stress with your steam shower.
  • Similarly, if you’re having trouble sleeping, the warmth from your steam shower can make it easier for you to fall asleep so you can wake up refreshed the next day. 

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