What is Trending in the Kitchen for 2021

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the household for many people. It is an invitation to entertain and learn a bit more about yourself through the design and installation processes. You grow to understand what you like, what you do not like, and everything in between.

While some parts of a kitchen are undoubtedly timeless, other kitchen trends come and go every year. From the latest products, appliances, décor, and more, here are our favorite kitchen trends for 2021.

Make a Splash

An overall trend in design is the push for individuality. Long gone are the days of uniformity and cookie-cutter kitchens. An easy way to add flavor and your personality to your kitchen is through patterned and textured tile backsplashes.

Whether you like black and white subway tiles or a more vibrant geometric design, tile backsplashes come in enough variety to fit any aesthetic style. Our team loves being able to create a fun and personalized backsplash for our clients, and we enjoy bringing our personality into the design process!

Minimalist Cabinet Design, Maximum Storage Space

This year, the big push in kitchen trends has been the move towards minimalism: pure colors and fixtures, simple patterns packed with personality. Minimalist does not mean boring, just the opposite!

With cabinets, more and more people are installing sleek, clean-lined cabinets that look nearly seamless against one another with minimal or no hardware. Touch or slight push release cabinets are getting more popular for this exact reason.

Do not think minimalist cabinetry skimps out on storage! We are seeing a big trend to go wall-to-wall with seamless cabinets, offering maximum storage space with a minimalist look. Our design team has been loving this look, and quickly become a favorite to propose and install.

A New Generation of Appliances 

In the ever-present push towards a more technology-infused future, smart kitchen appliances continue to be a favorite amongst designers and new homeowners. The ease of starting your dishwasher from your phone or sending your grocery list from the fridge to your tablet is quite appealing, not to mention useful!

Induction ranges are a similarly innovative take on the modern stovetop. With quicker heat up times and better temperature control than gas or electric ranges, induction ranges have become an increasingly alternative. They are easy to cook on, clean, and maintain, plus they are much more energy-efficient. A great option all the way around!

More and more people are bringing technology into the kitchen, whether to help them become better cooks or to increase the ease of kitchen duties, smart appliances are here to stay, and soon they will become a staple of every household! The Jetsons might just have been on to something.

Limitless Renovations Offers Limitless Possibilities  

Whether you want to have a futuristic kitchen, fun and unique backsplash, minimalist style with maximum cabinet space, or anything else, the Limitless Renovations team is ready to help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!

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